111 Writing Prompts for Kids

Create and write your own stories using the help of these interesting and creative story prompts! With 111 different unique writing prompts, you'll have no trouble coming up with your next big story!


Humanity:Lost – Giovanni Acevedo’s first collection of suspense filled horror stories that will quicken your pulse and leave you wondering what is real or not. This collection brings readers fifteen eerie, suspense filled stories from the darkest places of the storyteller’s mind. Stories Include: Immortality - Room 13 - Motherly - Bedtime - Genevieve - Snowfall - Skies - Poison - Okina Okumu - Threaded - Wake up - The Forest Awaits - Serial - S.A.M. - Marked

The Forest Awaits

A group of friends head out to a lake cabin to celebrate their last summer together before they head off to college. What they do not expect is what evil waits for them within the forest. Join them in this unsettling journey into the unknown.

Love Leveled

Love Leveled is another emotional filled collection of poetry from Giovanni Acevedo. Love Leveled captures love and life in its truest form. Have you ever been in love or been loved? Then you can relate to the words that grace these pages.

Spilled Soul

From Giovanni Acevedo, Spilled Soul shares views on love—the good, the bad, and the real. No matter what happens in life love will conquer all, whether it happens today or tomorrow.

Fuzzy Freddy and Friends: Tommy Turtle's Tokens

Fuzzy Freddy helps a friend in need when Tommy Turtle's go missing. Is there trouble afoot?


A short book made up of poetry and prose all about love. Love overcomes all doesn’t it?


Some believe we are connected to our soul mate by means of an invisible thread…but what happens when that thread becomes visible?


“Bedtime” is a short story surrounded by an element of horror. When it’s time for bed…. have you ever wondered what lurks in the shadows?

The Ring

What would you do if you found a ring that granted you powers to help your fellow humans?


“Marked” is a short story full of suspense and thrilling imagery all packed into a small package. At birth, everyone has a date tattooed on their arm of when they will die. I was supposed to die yesterday.

Wake Up

“Wake Up” is a short story full of suspense that will leave you scrambling to read the next sentence. Sometimes our deepest fears tend to leak out of our subconscious into our dreams. But what happens when we can’t outrun our fears?


“Serial” is a short story shrouded in mystery. This story follows the life of Olivia, a small time author and a secret she hides in plain sight. Everyone has secrets….what’s yours?

Gerald Whiskerton and the Mellowdeen

A mouse with a family to feed. The Mellowdeen standing in his way. A deadly cat and mouse game…who will win?


Not all is what it seems….How far would you go for love?

The Junior Crowns & The Missing Toys

Royal siblings go on an adventure to recover their missing toys from Grabber the troll and learn a valuable lesson along the way.