Alright, alright I don’t necessarily mean make a bucket list at this point BUT make a list of things you’d like to accomplish. There could be things you want to do in a week, a month, a year. You should organize your thoughts and write them down, just don’t lose that paper. I had random ideas and wants that I would’ve liked to have accomplished by the time I was 30…that happened December 2016. I was happy when I was compiling the list that I had completed a lot of what I had set out to do, whether I had intentionally done it or not. I will post a 3 part series which will include 10 items each in no particular order. Enjoy!!!


  1. Date someone who isn’t your “type.”

Whether this works out for you or not is not known in the beginning but take the chance. I met to be wife back in 2012. I had just moved up to Naples from Miami and it was a very different area compared to back home. A couple of months in I met someone that I didn’t think I would have a chance with, now with marriage, kids and a life together, the rest is history.

  1. Get a tattoo.

Alright this one isn’t for everyone but it was on my list. Tattooing something permanent on your body can be a little scary but if it means something to you why not? I myself have a couple of tattoos and I have no ragrets…not even one letter. Ha! ( In case you’re wondering it’s a We’re the Millers reference.)

  1. Overcome a fear.

Your fears could be a big road block but in reality they shouldn’t be. I had a fear of public speaking, but c’mon who doesn’t right? What helped a lot I think is a class that I had to take when I was going to college which was just presenting in front of people. The key to that I think was practice and learning the material. This transitioned over to my life when I have to speak in front of people.

  1. Attend college.

I know the first thing that comes to mind is student loans BUT it could be a great investment in the long run. Apart from learning a whole lot, you gain people skills, experiences, and great memories. Also, in this day and age most employment will require this. I graduated right before I turned 30 and it helped me land a great career opportunity. Plus my kids can’t tell me they don’t want to go to college because I never went, one less excuse.

  1. Learn to cook for yourself.

I like to cook. Scratch that, I love to cook. I love the reaction I get when my family or friends take their first bite and I hear Mmmm this is really good. It took me a while to learn but I am happy I did. I put on some music and get down to it. Another advantage is that you know what ingredients are actually going into your food so it’ll be healthier and you’ll feel a lot better.

  1. Start a workout routine.

Sighs. I like to eat. I however do not like to work out though. There are a lot of positives to working out so I started and have maintained a good routine. Okay an alright routine. Okay, okay I try to go to the gym at least a couple of times a month? Year? I am trying to actually stick to 3-4 times a week. When I go in the mornings before work I feel sooo much more energetic throughout the day and let’s be honest…I’m not getting any younger. Unless one of you have a secret formula or something that you would like to share.

  1. Let loose at a music festival.

Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Enough said. That has to be top 3 concerts/festivals I’ve ever bene to. So go out and enjoy one of your favorite musicians. Have a drink or two, or three and let loose! You can’t knock it until you try it; you never know it might just be your new favorite thing.

  1. Stop holding grudges.

Negativity only leads the way to negativity. Stop holding on to negative things from the past and move on. I have learned with age to just let petty things go because in the long run you’re only hurting yourself by holding on to grudges.

  1. Start your 401(k).

Retirement might be the last thing on your mind at this time but time flies as we all know. Do your future self a favor and start saving now. If you have a company that matches your contribution this is even a bigger incentive to start now. Luckily when I started with my current company they had great benefits so I have a little nest egg for future old me.

  1. Start a collection.

Collect stamps, coins, buttons, I don’t know what you’re into but collect things that you like. I’m not saying be a hoarder but it could be something that you could grow to be passionate about. My collection of choice is action figures. They take me back to my childhood. From not being able to afford some of the toys I wanted as a kid to being able to look at them in my collection now and have them remind me of growing up watching these figures on Saturday mornings. It’s also a reminder to me that I’ve come a long way and it’s nice to be able to afford things now.






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