Maybe one day someone will read my words and have an eye opening moment OR maybe they can finally find a piece of poetry that can better put into words what they are feeling for someone.

We write to vent, as therapy, to free our pain, to free our sorrow. We continue to write in order to try and outrun the sun as it sets on our tomorrow, since each breath is only borrowed.

I’ll continue to write to spark the imagination, to excite the mind, to fuel the flames of creativity. I feel at times that I just write to open the flood gates of my thoughts and let them overtake the page. Other times I write and I really do hope that, even if it’s one person, someone out there that I don’t know, maybe on the other side of the planet, will read something I’ve written and smile, cry, laugh, wonder, reflect, need, want, yearn for one more word, one more sentence.

I mean anyone who writes wants people to read their words and feel something right? I know I do. I’m not trying to sound like “Oh he only writes for attention” because this isn’t the case. I write because it’s what I feel. Or what I think. Or what I need to.

I hope each and every one of you is able to express yourselves by any means necessary because it’s not only our right to do so but our need to do so.


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