I would love to learn to scuba dive. Something about being dropped into the vastness of the ocean to explore and see the wildlife in its natural habitat interests me. But in the same token the idea of nothingness surrounding me and not knowing what lurks below kind of terrifies me.

I mean I don’t want the first thing I see when I dive down is:

Followed by it laughing maniacally that I made his dinner so easy…

I know, I know. They aren’t homicidal killer machines programmed to attack on sight. That’s probably another thing I would want to do(dive with sharks) if:
A. I wasn’t kind of, sort of, maybe scared of sharks and
B. kind of, sort, of scared of you know being left behind by the boat/stranded/ran out of air.
The ocean is a magnificent place though. I don’t think these fears should or will stop me from learning one day. I wonder what my wife will say when I ask her. “Ooh that sounds like it would be awesome!” how about with sharks? “Yeah, leave me tanning on the beach. Have fun with that haha.”
One day, one day…
As current aquarium owner, I love sitting there sometimes and just watching the fish interact with each other and just swim around without a care in the world. When I used to own a saltwater aquarium I appreciated when I had a chance to buy a new exotic looking species and be able to integrate them into the tank. Just watching a yellow tang swim around and nip at the seaweed I had placed on the side of the glass would fill me with calm.

I remember watching the clown fish swim in pairs, the starfish move slowly along the sandy bottom, the soft green glow of the corals under the blue light. That was my little piece of the ocean and it was all mine. Even though it was a pain in the rear to maintain, it was worth it. But like with everything else that came to an end since I needed the room to expand on other ideas and needs.
I could only imagine diving deep into the water and watching what I used to in that aquarium unfold all around me, unrestricted, like nature intended. I think that would be pretty awesome. 


What are some things that you would like to do or learn? Leave your wants/ideas in a comment or reply. Thank you!

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Amber · August 19, 2017 at 2:01 pm

I like to see posts like this because they encourage people to try something new. I would love to learn Spanish fluently and also learn to play the guitar.

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