10 Best Ways to Pass The Time On A Long Car Trip

As a lot of you know hurricane Irma is inching its way closer and closer to Florida as we speak. As a Floridian with a family and small children I think its in our best interest to evacuate at some point. If like many other people out there evacuation is an option, then you might need some ways to pass the time on a long road trip. As always, please be safe and watch out for each other.

“Dad, are we there yet? How about now?” “Dad…dad….dad…are we there yet? lol These are the beautiful sounds of the family road trip. Thankfully there are options we could take in order to alleviate the trip.

1. Entertain Me Please

Portable DVD players. This could possibly be the best and easiest way to entertain the kids on a long family road trip. You can break up the trip into episodes or movie lengths and that will help kids focused and know roughly when they will arrive.

2. The License Plate Game

Seeing as how this will be a long road trip, most likely you will run into cars from all over the United States. Give everyone a blank map of the United States and as they spot different state license plates, they fill them in. Whoever fills in the most states wins and gets the grand prize! What is the prize you might ask? Um…they get to choose where to stop to eat? Yeah that sounds good :).

3. Animal Game

Go through each letter of the alphabet and take turns naming an animal until the first player can’t come up with one, then move on to the next one.

4. Tech Time Crunch

Electronic games, iPod’s, iPad’s, tablets, cell phones… pretty much anything with a screen that can play a game or movie. nowadays we have a loooot of technological gadgets at our disposal, use them. This can include anything from reading your favorite book to beating a high score on your favorite game.

5. Alphabet Game

Spot all the letters of the alphabet in order using anything you see on the road. You can’t look for the next until you found the one you’re on.

6. Audio Books

This one is as simple as it sounds, listen to an audio book. This might not be for everyone but trust me it helps pass the time quickly once you start listening and imagining the story as it is read to you.

7. Impromptu Car Picnic

Everybody loves food. It’s a scientific fact…maybe, or it should be at least. So why not gather some small sandwiches, snacks, fruit, whatever and munch away as you travel across the beautiful U.S. of A.

8. Would you rather X or Y?

Everyone in the car has to answer and, optional, give a reason why they picked that answer. Example: Would you rather be able to fly or walk through walls?

9. Stop Along

Whole most of us want to get directly to our destination with as little stops as possible, maybe taking a break or two couldn’t hurt. Find little interesting stops along the way and use this to see interesting things or stretch your legs, either way it’s needed in the long haul…ha…long haul.

10. Tell Jokes

As I age, and i guess being a help factors into this, I gain more jokes…cornier jokes…which I then have the pleasure of sharing with my family. Tell old jokes, new jokes, knock knock jokes, any joke. Make jokes up as you go. A good laugh as a family can help pass the time and I’m pretty sure is good medicine as well.


Please stay safe out there. I hope everyone is able to get out unscathed and safe.

Thank you.

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