If you were around yesterday and caught the latest blog post Keep Your Mind  Occupied and Productive you can see the coffee table in the finished picture. As mentioned below you can see how the coffee table turned out and the steps overall to make it yourself.

Here is the imgur link:

IMGUR Simple Coffee Plank Table

Here is the finished product to start off with:

Overall all it is a simple design but sometimes plain and simple is the way to go AND I built it myself so that’s another plus I think.

Had 2 separate 8′ planks cut free of charge at Home Depot into 4′ sections. Or I could have just done it with my miter saw at home, either way would’ve worked.

Used some Flat Straight Brackets on the underside to hold the planks together. I know some people will be like “Oh, that’s all you used to hold that up?!” I mean I could’ve used multiple, thin pieces of wood and screwed them underneath too but this is what I had on hand…and it worked…and has held up until now. 

This is after sanding down the top of the table and edges to smooth everything out before staining and sealing it. You can see in this picture that the initial orange and black (stains?) are gone so that’s a  in my book.


Antique Grey stain and Polyurethane seal.

I’m missing the pictures where the legs were added but these are it on Amazon:

You just use the screws provided and you are good to go.

If you guys have any questions or comments please feel free to email me @ or leave it as a comment below.
Thank you for reading and have a great day!!!


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