We live and we breathe

Misplacing priority

On physical necessities

When at the end of the day

It’s not the money they pay

Nor the high priced brand of the day

That will bring happiness or fulfill dreams



Some people place too much emphasis on always having the latest phone or brand name purse or the baddest car out there. What’s the point? what’s the meaning behind the material things? I know you’ve heard this before, Oh well you can’t take all that money with you can you? I’m not here to put you unto some magical way of doing things that will make you happy since I am also on my own personal search for that. What I have come to figure out is I’m better off making memories and planning out my sons future than trying to fill up my life with material things. I’ve worked hard to get where I’m at don’t get me wrong and I’m appreciative for all of it. Coming up from a broken home and not having it all makes me not take anything for granted. I know y’all can relate especially when you’ve really been wanting something and you work and save for it, you appreciate it that much more. Now I’m not saying just give away all your worldly possessions and live out in the woods somewhere. Learn to limit and keep balance in your life. You want to splurge once in a while, treat yo self! Ha-ha but don’t bury yourself and drown in material things and debt unnecessarily, what’s the point?


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