Why do I feel like this?

Like the end is near and there is no help in sight

Like the sun set and life became an endless night

I feel that it gets harder catch my breath

Tears flood my lungs, weighing on a heavy chest

A crippled heart, withering, decaying, dying



There are dark days followed by spots of sunshine. Storms followed by an eerie calm. I need more peace, more tranquility. I need to escape from the world. It gets harder to breathe when your head remains underwater. It gets harder to fight when your legs keep getting swept from under you.


I can picture myself sitting in solitude on a beach, somewhere far away. Watching the waves crash upon each other on the shoreline. Hearing the birds sing overhead. The sun is setting and I feel at ease.

I need an escape. I need a dream where I could live.


The breeze feels warm.


Take me home.


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