I want to spend a forever

Tucked away within your love

An endless lifetime

Nestled within the safety

Of your smile

I want my days, my life story

To be filled with tales of us

To always end in your arms

In your heart

With you by my side



Have you ever had someone or have someone that just makes the darkest days bearable? Love – be it for a day or a lifetime – can have the most powerful effect on people. It’s funny how it can shut off your mind and your heart takes control, making decisions based on emotions and passionate instinct.


We become blinded but we’re happy. We come to find ourselves living in a haze of enchantment. We want to hold on to this moment forever hoping, that if it were a dream, we were never to wake.


Every touch, every whisper, every smile takes you to a place you never knew existed. You feel invincible, motivated to become a better version of yourself. You would place yourself in harm’s way so that they may never feel pain again.


Love is a beautiful thing. Hold on tightly. Love unconditionally.




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