I shouldn’t do this because what if I look stupid?

What if I fail and they laugh?

What if they talk about me behind my back?

I wonder what they think of me?


We need to lose this way of thinking. We need to snap out of this mindset, this preconceived notion that peoples opinions, what people think about us should matter.


Do not waste your time, your thoughts, your energy, wondering if someone else thinks you look stupid or laughs at you for failing at something. While they sit there and talk shit, guess what? YOU went out there and tried something new. YOU went out there and are working on your goals, your dreams, trying to accomplish what you haven’t before.

We’re all going to look stupid at some point but forget the bullshit, just keep going. Why should it matter what anyone thinks? Choose your path. Choose your own way and be happy. Be passionate.

We should listen to our guts more times than not and stick it through if it is what we truly want. You want to make YouTube videos? Then do it! You want to wear clothes that you haven’t before? Then do it! You want to start writing? Then do it!

Be your own you. Live YOUR life how you want to. Do not let toxic people try and ruin what you want to chase, what you want to be, they’re just projecting their insecurities on to someone else. It’s okay to do what you want as long as you’re happy.

Why should we let negative opinions and negative people have space in our thoughts? We shouldn’t plain and simple.

There will always be people that can’t handle someone being better than them at something, or smarter than them or successful. The key difference here is not that you are better or smarter or stronger, the key difference is that you are willing to put in the work when they are not.

The key difference if YOU.

You are willing to sacrifice and chase and be relentless in the pursuit of who and what you want to be….and that scares a lot of people.

Don’t let it deter you.

Don’t let it derail you.


As always, thank you to all the readers and supporters out there. Stay Amazing!


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