Hello everyone!

We have an update to the Entryway Console Table Build from one of the most recent blog postings! If you noticed before I only had the one clock on the wall…that was it. Plain and too simple in my opinion.

I needed to save up a little money and get an idea more or less of what I wanted up there. I ended up going to a couple of different stores like Ross and Home Goods I think it was? 

I wanted it to match the weirdness and just variety of things I thought looked interesting…I think I accomplished it in a good way though. 



We can’t forget about the Fantastic Mr. Fox lol with his monocle and all. Supa fancy 😉

I like the simplicity of the print below. Mucho bueno.

I think of all the pieces on the wall this might be top 2 that I like most. Yeah I know it’s cliché but a good glass of whiskey and some writing are what I call I good night.


Shameless plug lol. Click the picture below to purchase any of my books out now on Amazon! 🙂


As always, thank you for reading and stay amazing!!!


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