At times I need to remember to take a step back and be grateful for all the people and blessings that I have. It’s easy to get lost in the everyday hustle and bustle, the unforgiving blur that becomes our lives. Sometimes I feel like I deserve more or I should aim higher or achieve more than I already have. I feel the need to fill a void, fill a hole, fill an emptiness within me. 

          But I have to remind myself at times that I need to take a step back and see the bigger picture, see all the good things and the great people that surround me. From time to time I feel anxious, a touch depressed, a little bit uneasy with life and everything around me so I know that it’s a lot easier for people to tell you oh it’s all mental, just let go of those bad thoughts and move on but c’mon, that’s a lot easier coming from someone that might not be going through a bout of depression or fighting anxiety. 

          Being unable to breathe. Being unable to go out in public because the world is just…so much bullshit at times. But in those rare glimpses that I feel everything is good, everything will be alright,  I am happy, even if for a second.

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