Hello everyone. Today I’ll  be talking about, and showing you some practice methods and tips that I’ve used in the past to improve my typing skills. 

Why type faster? We spend most of our days typing, be it email/texting/school, imagine how much time we could win back by being just a little faster.

So how can you type a faster?

Below I’ll cover a couple of tip and methods and post a video as well.

 1. Learn your Keyboard

Get familiar with your keyboard. With time your fingers will find themselves going back to the letters that you want to type next and your typing will become faster. I have the majority of the letters memorized and the numbers on a number pad but I still struggle with punctuation location. The more you practice the better you’ll get.

 2. Slow down

You can’t run before you walk…or crawl? We all have to start somewhere. It’s ok to start slow and work your way up. Take it a key at a time until you build up that muscle memory and then it will become second nature.

 3. Posture – Correct Yourself

You can’t type fast if you’re slumped down in your chair or have your keyboard in your lap. Or maybe you can but that means you’ve been practicing and probably type faster than me. Correct posture will not only help with future back and wrist problems but will help boost your typing. Correct hand position will do wonders for that WPM you’re working towards.

 4. Don’t look down

This is the part where I insert a joke about heights. 😊 But it’s as simple as it sounds. Don’t look down. This is where tip “2. Slow Down” comes into play. Take your time and don’t look at the keyboard. Doing this will make you learn the position of the keys better.

 5. Practice – A Lot

We can’t “Git Gud” without practicing. I started around 25 WPM months ago. I’m currently hovering around 50-60 WPM. I think it’s a respectable number but then again there are people out there that are faster. The more I practice the more my typing skills and speed will improve. Practice, and when you think you’re done, practice some more.

 6. Keep track

How do you know how much better you’re getting unless you keep track? It can be a weekly log or a monthly log. It just depends on how much you’re practicing and what your end goal is. Seeing your WPM will keep you dedicated and motivated.

 7. Listen & Type

Another good method to practice your typing skills is to listen and type. Open up a podcast or a show and start typing. It’ll help with not looking at the keyboard and it will give you the incentive to not make mistakes. The less mistakes you make the less you have to work to catch up.

Final Thoughts

Typing is a skillset that will take time to develop. As long you practice you will see improvements. There are different methods an ways to practice and get faster at typing.

Before you know it you’ll reach your new WPM goal!

I’ll leave you with the links mentioned in the video below just in case you want to start practicing today!

If you have any tips or methods that you’ve used in the past top improve your typing skills please share it with us in the comments below. 

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Thank you!

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