The PlayStation’s DualSense controller is a fantastic controller hands down. The first time I felt its advanced haptic motors and “adaptive” triggers fighting back against my fingertips I was blown away. Now it is true that there are currently no Sony drivers to be able to use all the features this controller has to offer but we are still able to use it on the PC.

Here’s a quick guide on how to connect one to your PC via wire method or Bluetooth connection.

Connecting the DualSense Controller


This setup method is easy. You will need a USB-C to USB-A cable for your PC, or USB-C to USB-C if your computer has that port, in order to connect the two. If you were able to snag a PS5 console then a cable should have been provided if not, you can find a good 2-pack Anker pair at Amazon here!


To use the DualSense via Bluetooth you will need a motherboard that comes equipped with Bluetooth or a USB Bluetooth adapter.

  • Start menu
  • Type Bluetooth
  • Click Bluetooth and other devices settings
  • Add Bluetooth or other device
  • Add a device
    • Bluetooth

After you click on Bluetooth your PC will start searching for available Bluetooth devices.

Grab your DualSense controller and hold down the PlayStation logo button in the middle and the Share button (small left button of the touchpad) until the LEDs around the touchpad begin to flash rapidly.

The DualSense controller should pop up on your Bluetooth device choices on your PC.

If your motherboard does not have Bluetooth built it then you can find a Bluetooth Adapter for PC on Amazon here.

Setting up the DualSense in Steam

First and foremost, connect the controller through the wired method or Bluetooth method mentioned above. Once it is connected, launch Steam. While in Steam, launch Big Picture Mode. Steam should now recognize the DualSense controller. Go to the Settings menu in Big Picture Mode and go to controller settings, make sure the Playstation Configuration Support box is checked. After it is recognized and this box is checked you will be able to go into the settings and calibrate anything from color and brightness of the LED to sensitivity.

Now that the DualSense controller is fully set up you can press the PS logo in the middle of the controller and bring up Steam’s configuration menu.

If you want to use the DualSense controller in a game like Fortnite then we can route the solution through Steam.

Open Steam and navigate your way over to the “Add to Library” section. Once here, you can “Add a Non-Steam game to my library…” option and browse for the Epic Games Launcher. Once added, you can go to your library and launch Epic Games through Steam and be able to use your DualSense controller with any Epic Games title.

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