Sometimes it’s hard to find the strength to get out bed in the morning. I lay there watching the ceiling fan turn, round and round, the subtle sound of the wind floating through the air. I am unsure if it is the unhappiness that saps my energy or knowing what lies in the day ahead. Both leave me wanting more, needing more.

Minutes have passed, or has it been hours. The dried streaks of tears still line my cheeks. I can feel the warmth of a ray of sunlight permeate through a crack in the blinds and stroke my face.

Time waits for no one. Move or get left behind. I wonder if I can get lost in time. No one to find me, no one to look. Lost in between where dreams and nightmares go to sleep.

Sometimes it’s hard to sleep knowing what lies ahead. Another nightmare. Another tomorrow. The same stillness gripping, eating away at my heart.

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