“Why do your eyes seem lost, searching for something that is not there dear friend?” said Gerald.

          Tears began to swell within Rentler’s eyes as he looked back towards his old friend.

          “My mind is at constant war. No peace. No retreat. No surrender. The numbness overcomes the senses. I do not want to die but it would make no difference. I would not fight it. I would welcome death, it’s cold embrace would be a relief, a release from this world. There are days where the energy to move, to live is not found. I am tired, I am ended my friend,” said Rentler.

          “I’m sorry Rentler, I wish there was something I could do for you,” said Gerald with a look of sadness within his eyes.

          “Just sit with me for a while,” said Rentler.

          The pair of friends sat on the edge of an old brick paved bridge that was no longer in use. The rays of the setting sun warmed their faces as they both looked into the horizon for answers to questions they hadn’t asked yet. Gerald reached his arm up and placed his hand upon Rentler’s shoulder.

“It’s going to be alright Rent, I promise.


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