The sounds of the crowd drowned out the two warriors trapped within the confines of their cage. Claws struck against cold steel. The scream of man versus the roar of nature. A flurry of fur and flesh attached each other. The warriors separated and circled around the pit, their back to the metal link fence, their faces facing one another. The roar of the crowd could not drown out the anger in their eyes and hate in their hearts, not for each other but for the people that placed them here.

                At one end of the fighting pit was a grizzly bear that towered over any ordinary man. On the other end stood an older man, katana in hand, the red droplets of blood slowly leaking from his arm mixing with that of the bears running down the blade. Each drop of crimson hit the sand beneath him and blended with each grain. His eyes would dart back and forth between the bear and the crowd surrounding them. He knew to survive he would need to kill his best friend.

                The bear let out a deafening roar and in a frenzied state started to run on all fours towards the man. Tears streamed down his face as he gripped the katana’s handle tighter and readied himself to strike but deep within his heart he couldn’t bring himself to kill his oldest ally, his oldest friend.

                At the last second before the bears mighty jaw opened to attack the man he jumped to the left barely missing his demise. The grizzly bear went head first into one of the steel beams that held up the fence surrounding the fighting pit. It staggered, swaying left to right before falling to the ground. The man rushed over to its side and propped up the bears head in his arms.

                “Oh Sonk, why did they have to do this to you? Those bastards are gonna pay you hear me? I won’t let them get away with this!” said Jeremiah, the old battered man, pointing up towards the owner’s box.

                A slim figure dressed all in black appeared from within the shadows and looked down at Jeremiah. He reached into his jacket pocket and dialed. “Go in there, revive that grizzly and administer a higher dosage of Tetron. I want to see how far we can push this before the bear gives out,” said James. He placed the phone back in his pocket.

                Four men dressed in military attire ran to the entrance of the fighting pit, all armed with Taser spears, ready to put down Jeremiah if he put up a fight. The last man that walked in held a syringe gun in his hand and an evil smile upon his face. Jeremiah readied his katana in his right hand while he reached down to pet Sonk’s head one last time.

                “Sorry old friend, this looks like the end of the line for us,” said Jeremiah as he patted Sonk.

                A low growl emitted from underneath Jeremiahs hand. A hard gust of air exhaled from Sonk’s nose moved the sand around them. Sonk groaned and opened his eyes. Jeremiah gaze nervously met Sonk’s. Sonk slowly raised himself and stood on all four legs before he over at Jeremiah and let out a blood curling growl.

                You could hear the crowd go silent and a loud cackle come from the owner’s box.

                “This is the end for you old man!” screamed James.

                Jeremiah slowly backed away from Sonk and turned to face the military men who were smiling and backing away towards the entrance again. Sonk looked at Jeremiah and swiped at the floor in front of him before charging. Jeremiah laid his arm beside him and welcomed death at the hands of his old friend. He closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable, waited for Sonk’s teeth to end his life.

                Jeremiah felt a rush of cool air hit his face followed by a warm breath mere inches form his face. Sonk had stopped right in front of him and was shaking his head as if he were trying to wake up.

                “Sonk? You in there bud?” asked Jeremiah hopefully.

                Sonk looked back up at Jeremiah and nuzzled his massive head against Jeremiah. Sonk slowly turned towards the military men and crouched low. Jeremiah climbed atop Sonk’s back and raised his katana towards the men. It was time for payback.


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