The sun was setting in the horizon behind Paul and Tory as their car rumbled along the gravel lined backroad. Nothing but grass fields lay beyond the trees that lined the narrow road they traveled. They hadn’t seen a car for a while and Tory was starting to get worried.

“You sure you aren’t lost?” asked Tory.

“Oh, we’re fine. You worry too much. Here,” said Paul as he handed her the cellphone. “Look up the nearest hotel.”

Tory grabbed the cellphone and pulled up Google Maps.

“Ugh, no signal. Now what?” she asked.

Paul scanned the quickly darkening landscape and reassured her that everything would be fine. They continued along their way for a couple miles until a dimly lit bed and breakfast caught their attention. They both looked at each other unsure if they should stop here for the night.

“Well? What do you think?” asked Paul.

Tory squinted her eyes to get a better look. She looked back down at the cellphone before turning her attention back to Paul.

“Maybe they have wifi in there and we can find the nearest town. Should be fine,” she replied.

Paul drove up to the front of the quaint farmhouse style two-story house and parked near the only other car in the parking lot. They both got out of the car and took their backpacks with them up to the front door. A blue neon sign that hung off the edge of the wraparound porch flickered on and off “VACANCY”.

Tory stopped at the edge of the steps and looked up to the righ furthest window. She stared intently into the darkened window and for a quick moment thought she saw a man staring back down at her.

“Hey hun, c’mon,” said Paul as he held the front door open.

The couple walked into the front lobby area of the Honey Fields Inn and were greeted by a kind old woman.

“Hello dears. My names Dorothy, how can I help y’all tonight?” asked Dorothy.

“Hi, I’m Paul and that’s Tory,” replied Paul pointing at Tory. “Would you happen to have a room available?”

“Oh of course we do. Would that be one bed or two dear?” asked Dorothy.

“One bed please,” replied Paul.

Dorothy smiled politely as she looked down at Pauls ring finger.

“I see you’re not married?” she asked.

“No not yet but maybe one day she’ll say yes,” joked Paul.

“What a shame,” replied Dorothy.

“Excuse me do you have a restroom I could use please?” asked Tory.

Dorothy examined Tory closely and smiled.

“You can use the restroom upstairs dear. Just head up the stairs and it’ll be the 2nd door on the left,” said Dorothy.

Tory walked away from the front lobby and headed for the stairs. She felt a chill hug her tightly as she grabbed the banister. She glanced around and noticed the house was eerily quiet. She walked up the stairs looking back down as she reached the top.

2nd door on the left,” she whispered to herself.

Tory reached for the door handle when she heard a muffled scream followed by a thud come from the room at the end of the hallway. She froze in place as she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end.

What should Tory do next?
Use the bathroom
Run back downstairs
Investigate the room at the end of the hall
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