Hello everyone! today will be a short and sweet post. My sons birthday is coming up and I decided to upgrade my old Redragon K556 and gift it to him. I changed up the Switches to Outemu blue switches I had leftover and some red pudding keycaps. He mentioned he wanted a Miles Morales style keyboard so I went to work. 

I used the tool below in order to pull the old black keycaps and Outemu brown switches.

The process itself was pretty simple since this keyboard uses a hotswap board. If you do not have a hotswap board you will need to pull apart the whole keyboard and desolder each switch individually.

First, take a picture of the keyboard if you are not familiar with the key layout. Use the keycap puller to pull out all the old caps. Use the other side of the tool to pull out the switches. Depending on the switch you have you might need to press on 2 tabs and gently rock back and forth while pulling them out. I did break a couple of the old switches in the process. Whoops.

Next, place each new switch into the empty socket and press firmly making sure to get the switch in all the way. It is always good to have extra switches on hand just in case you bend the pins on any of them. 

Finally, take out your new keycaps and start plugging them back on. This is where your picture comes in handy.



Keyboard Off


Keyboard On

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