January 18, 2018


Oh well I promised, no I challenged myself, to write more daily. I put a goal of 1,000 words. I think that’s a good place to start? I guess I will figure it out. I wrote 550 words yesterday give or take but I kind of cheated a little so I won’t count it as the first official day. Let’s see, what’s new and exciting in my world. Hmmm. Well apart from having a daily writing goal I also placed a fitness goal in place for myself. I should probably update it on the site every couple of days just to have a public record and hold myself more accountable no? Set goals for yourself and start no matter if its writing 20 words a day or doing 3 push ups, just START!


Today is the third day in a row I do at least a 30 to 40 minute weighted workout. For example today was legs and abs. Squats. Lying Leg Curls. Leg Extensions.  Single-Leg Calf Press. I know I’m going to throw in Deadlifts and Seated Barbell Calf Raises in my next workout. It was kind of cold tonight and I worked out roughly from 6:00 PM to 6:45ish so the sun was already gone by the end of it. I didn’t turn on the light on the back porch tonight and I kind of liked it because it’s just you and the weights. Music blasting and looking out into the wilderness so to speak. Just in case I didn’t mention it, because I didn’t, I have my equipment at home in my screened in back porch. My backyard overlooks empty lots that have pine trees and grass/bushes scattered about. It’s nice to walk out and night and be able to look up and actually see stars not like how when I lived in Miami and all the light pollution wouldn’t let you see much.

I know this is starting to sound like a scattered cluster of random thoughts strung together in a heap of sentences…and I guess at this point it is. Just writing to cleanse and purge my thoughts and work on my daily writing goal.

Sometimes we want to accomplish something but we don’t really start on the things we want to do. Looking at it now I know it is only my third day in on my fitness journey but I know that charting it does help with staying focused. It helps with tracking and seeing progress both on paper, or in this case an excel sheet, and physically eventually. All I can say in the end is just get started and I know that sometimes or most of the time in the beginning you will not want to do it, be it working out or dieting or starting to write that book you’ve been meaning to or saving money to travel, JUST START!

At times when we find it difficult and we do not accomplish any of the goals we had set out to do that day do not let it happen the following day. This will lead to a pattern where it becomes easier and easier to say I will just write twice as much tomorrow or I will eat healthier tomorrow or I will just run an extra mile because you won’t. In the long run you will be grateful that even though it seemed tough you did not give up on your goals and yourself.

Trust me when I say you are way more capable and amazing than you give yourself credit for!


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