The world gets heavy sometimes.

It pushes and pulls and tries to break you down into unrecognizable little pieces. Little pieces that anyone would have trouble placing back together again. It breaks you down to the last bit of hope. Restless nights. Tear stained cheeks. It gets harder to breathe, and you feel like there’s no one there to listen, no one left that cares. Everywhere you turn, you feel an indifference wash over you.

The tears and the words and gasping for air no longer help. Nothing seems to help anymore. When you feel empty no matter where you turn. No matter the amount of words you spill and they fall on deaf ears, just hold on.

I want you to know that someone cares. There will always be someone that cares about you. If you ever feel the need to talk and you can think of no one else, I’ll be here. I know what it feels like to have the world turn its back on you. I know what it feels like to have the sun shining above but be surrounded by darkness.

The world might seem bleak
Your breathing growing weak
The tears blind the world around you
But remember your life is far from through
Happiness is waiting over the horizon

Remember it’s not over. Remember someone cares.

Contact me if you ever feel the need to talk, vent or say hello.


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