Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck. Stuck in a routine. Stuck in the monotony of what we do every day, in and out. Sometimes I’m driving to or from work and my brain just goes into auto pilot and when I “wake up” I ask myself this every time, How did I get here? Some days I don’t have the energy to get up and tackle the day. Some days I just want to crawl under my covers and away from the world. What’s the point?

I’ve been in a rough place the last couple of months, mmm  7 months more or less, and I am finally starting to be able to breathe again. After going through a divorce and having your family split ways a lot of the things in life just seem meaningless in the bigger spectrum of things. All the BS shrinks. I became indifferent. I needed to keep my brain busy so I finished writing Love Leveled and I did upgrades to my house including building furniture with my father and brother.

I ended up channeling all that loss and grief into my writing and will be releasing that under the next book titled And Now It’s Over which will come out in August. I think this is where I captured everything I was feeling and it helped me cope for the most part. I hold no hate in my heart. No grudges. I don’t want revenge or anything like that. Life is hard enough without holding anger in your heart and self-poisoning.

I don’t know. At the end of the day  people let you down. Things happen. People change. Life is in constant motion. Try and push through those days that kick you while you’re down. Just hold on. I hate those days, believe me, I HATE the days where everything is just…not worth the effort of existing. But hopefully the day after, or the one after that will be better.

You ever need to talk or want to leave a comment please feel free to do so.

Thank you for reading.


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