Volume on please…

I saw this and it resonated with me…on a comical level haha. I have to hand it to Gravity Falls, it is an animated show that had aired on Disney but some of the humor was aimed towards the adult crowd. After going through something as painful as a divorce it is always good to find humor in things.

Humor and food I think were the things that got me by (and of course #1 was my son but you know what I mean.)

When life dumps a hailstorm on your head hold strong and move on. You will find bigger and better things in your future. Go on and dream a bigger dream. Do something that scares you, I mean no one ever accomplished something amazing by being in their comfort zone right? Try not to focus too much on the past (I sometimes don’t even focus too much on the present but that’s another story completely) because that time has come and gone and tomorrow will be brighter.

And here I leave my beautiful readers with a beautiful rendition of gnome a la puke…


Any comments/questions/jokes you guys know what to do! Thank you!


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