Sometimes, once in a blue moon, I think about what would happen in case I pass before I get to grow old. I don’t mean in a gloomy sort of way or wanting to, just a what if. I bring this up because when this thought crosses my mind the first person I think of is my son. What would he do? What things would go unsaid? Would he be taken care of financially? I know he has his mother as well on that side but still, not to take away from her or anything but I would feel more at ease if I had all bases covered for him.

I started writing a book for him about a year and a half ago. The title is a work in progress at this time but the bones are there. I think I might actually print a copy of what I have so far and, as I add more down the line, print a more current copy so that it’s updated. I have everything from poetry to advice to letters and thoughts and even recipes in there. My initial thought was to finish it and frame it on his bedroom wall so that it would always be with him until he was old enough to read and somewhat appreciate it.

Along with the book, I set up an email address for him as well that has details in regards to random things I feel he should know or would want to know in the future. Sometimes I email him just to say hi and that I am thinking of him, even though he is always on my mind. I just feel that one day, when my father passes away, it would be amazing if he left behind a book he wrote just for me or an email account or letters or anything so that I could better remember him by. I have a feeling it won’t happen but still. I actually want to write more emails to my son. I have only written a handful but the possibities are endless at this point, anything from pictures, to notes, to video and audio recordings. I hope he will appreciate it in the far future.

Another thing I decided to do was open a bank account for him under his name. I know a lot of people have college savings for their kids and that’s sort of what I had in mind but overall it will be a small breath on a rainy day if you will. I never had anything like this so I figure it’s something I wanted to do for my son. Anything to better your childrens lives right?


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