The world has been weighing heavy on me the last couple of days. A lot of little and bigger things have been adding up to the point where it’s like an ever growing pressure on my chest and I figure what better place to vent than here… haha. I don’t know sometimes I feel like a lot of things don’t bother me but subconsciously they probably do and I either shove the problem way down so that I forget about it or I just tend to ignore it. If I can’t control the outcome or change what the problem is then why worry right? I try and remain positive and I am thankful for all that I have but sometimes the emptiness is overwhelming and it prevents me from seeing the bigger picture. I guess we all have sad days right?


I don’t know. It’s getting harder and harder to function on days like these where nothing seems to matter and the only thing keeping me going is the hope that tomorrow will get me out of this funk. After everything is said and done, my little man is the main reason that I hold on so tightly when everything else seems to be slipping from my grip. He is my foundation for holding strong. Yeah today seems a little cloudy but yesterday was a thunderstorm and tomorrow will be a light drizzle, then it’ll be clear skies again.



If you are still reading this, thank you, if not, it doesn’t matter because…you’re not reading this haha. All in all. Things happen. Life happens. Hold on. Push through.


If you ever need to talk or want to ask questions, just comment or email. Thanks again!


Anny · June 14, 2018 at 10:21 am

We all have our days but I know you’re gonna get through it especially trying to stay positive and yes just like Eckhart Tolle said… you should never worry because “worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose”. All problems have solutions and bad days just mean great days will come soon enough. Keep your head up!! ❤️

    gioacevedo · June 14, 2018 at 10:26 am

    We can’t have good days without the bad right? Thanks for reading!

Isis Gomez · June 14, 2018 at 10:33 am

I can tell these feelings are real, painful and really deep. But like you just said, tomorrow will be better than today. Please keep trying, you are strong and I know you can do it. Love You!!

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