This quote got me thinking. How are we supposed to expect change when we do nothing to make change happen?

I used to live in Miami. I was raised there for the better part of hmmm 17 years more or less. I remember towards my late teens/early twenties all I would do was party or hang out with friends when I wasn’t working. Now I’m not saying doing those things are necessarily bad as long as it’s in a portioned manner.

I did attend college for close to a year I think, on and off. It was never a passion of mine to be in school. I like to read and learn and experience new things but in my own terms. 

I feel like I have a void inside me at times that I keep looking to fill with someone. Knowledge. Skills. Experiences. Sometimes….most times, I don’t know what I need exactly.

The problem was that I stopped going to school and I just focused on working – barely doing enough to not get fired- in order to party which meant living check to check. That was not the best scenario for me at all.

A waste of time but it led me to today, to who I am, the fuel to who I wanted to become.

Eventually I made the decision to move to the west coast of Florida and start all over. I started at a new company in their Shipping and Receiving department and worked my way up slowly while going to school full time. I ended up graduating with my Bachelor’s degree with honors, not bad for someone who would skip school and just avoided it overall in their younger days. 

Along the way I was blessed with my son, which fueled my drive ten fold. I was able to buy a house, cars, property and I can live comfortably now. I was also able to start Ace Ink Printing and write the books featured on Amazon.

I take a look back at where I was before, before the move, before my son, before I woke up and I am grateful, blessed. 

If I didn’t make a change I believe that I would still be partying and living in an efficiency in some little corner of Hialeah…still not amounting to anything.

I made changes and that paved the way for my life to change.

Time will pass, as it always does, what you do with it is what matters. 

What changes will you make?


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