Food. Everyone loves food. Everyone loves eating. We all have our own little secret meals that warm our heart and fill our bellies. Cooking and eating have always been one of my favorite pastimes. Don’t get me wrong I like a hot and ready fast food meal just as much as the next person when time isn’t on my side but there is something about a home cooked meal that can’t be beat.

I’m planning on starting a new segment here on and on my Youtube channel where I’ll be filming recipes of meals I’ve cooked and liked over the past couple of years. Some may interest you, others may delight you but I hope that they will all fill your heart and your bellies with warmth.

I researched different items and accessories to create a setup to start the new “Nom Chop Kitchen” Friday segments which will air biweekly on Fridays starting next week! If you have any ideas or want to see a recipe filmed drop us a comment below or leave a comment on our YouTube video when they release.


We have a small portable kitchen island at home that I will use to film. If you don’t have a kitchen island available any table would do as long as it is steady enough to support cutting and cooking.

The heart of the cooking part of Nom Chop Kitchen will be the burner. I read good reviews on burners that were kind of pricey starting at around $60 and up but I went with the CUSIMAX Electric Hot Plate single burner format. From the videos and reviews, I’ve seen it can stand up to what I need from it. It heats up quickly and cooks most food items and at $35 shipped from Amazon, it‘s hard to beat.

I found a piece of wood in my garage that was laminated white from an old desk but when it comes to cooking, white=messy. So I decided to go with a darker aesthetic and bought the Stained Concrete contact paper below. I took the plunge for around $24 and crossed my fingers.

Finally, I went ahead and ordered a new Bamboo cutting board as well. I wanted to start fresh so what better way than with a new cutting surface. The ones I wanted were upwards of $50 so I opted for a budget friendly one priced at around $24 and went from there.

That should be it for equipment. If I forgot anything or you have any questions on something you’ve seen or read, please feel free to ask through the contact form in our main page or via a comment below.

I am excited to be able to bring you a new chapter from! Thank you and have a great day.

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