Today we will be learning how to make Chicken Pesto Flatbread. The delicious flavor of the pesto combined with the melted mozzarella will have your mouth watering for more.


• 3 Chicken breast, cut into bite-sized pieces 

• Flat Bread • salt and pepper to taste 

• Pesto to taste 

• 1/2 Cup Mozzarella, shredded 

• 2 TBSP Olive Oil 

• 3 Roma Tomatoes, diced (or toppings of your choice) 


1. Cut chicken into bite-sized pieces. Season with salt & pepper. 

2. Cook chicken on medium heat. 

3. Place cooked chicken, shredded Mozzarella, & toppings of your choice on flatbread. 

4. Heat @ 350 degrees for around 7 minutes or until cheese is melted. Serve & enjoy.

Pesto Chicken Flatbread


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